Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tag I'm It!

I've been tagged by a couple of people and I'm just now getting to it. So here's 6 things about me!

1. I love to jump on the trampoline at my parents house. I love to do back flips, front flips and anything else. I was a gymnast when I was younger so when I get on one it just makes me feel so free like I'm a little kid again. I have some of the best memories of me on it. I really cant wait to get one when we get a house so I can teach my kids how to do flips and just wacth them have fun.

2. My favorite holiday has to be Christmas and my B-day. I am probably the biggest kid I know when it comes to Christmas. I love the whole excitment of buying and giving gifts. I love Christmas Eve because my family has a big party. And I still wake up at 2 in the morning just to go look at all the gifts. I will never stop that and I'm sure I will wake my kids up just to go look with them. I love my B-Day because it's like the birthday that never ends. It's seriosly like a 3 day event and I love every minute. Jason and my parents always tease me because it's so true.

3. I have amazing feet even though Jason always makes fun of them. I can pick up anything with my toes and I can do alot of things with them. Jason calls them tingers; half toes, half fingers. He's such a dork but that cracks me up. Sometimes when Jae is sitting on the floor and I'm on the couch I will start scratching his head with them and just to freak him out. It's so funny. But if you got talent use it.

4. I love roller coasters. I have always loved them and anything else that will give me and adrenaline rush. They are so much fun going up high and then letting them drop you. It's just so thrilling. My family thinks it's so amazing because I get car sick over everything but nothing ever happens to me on roller coasters. I love going to Six Flags, Disneyland and even the Fair. The whole atmosphere is just so much fun, who wouldn't love it?

5. I always have plan no matter what it's about or how far or close the event is. Whether it's my kids B-day and what type of party it will be to where we are going to eat for dinner or even what we are doing for a holiday. If it's in our future, there is a plan to go with it. I have to have a plan so I know whats going on. I hate not knowing something and not to be in control over a situation. My whole family knows this, that's why we always have my baby showers at my mom's because I can plan and help with the whole thing. I'm kind of a freak about it but I love it and if anyone needs a party done I always know what to do.

6. I love numbers. Kind of wierd but they are so interesting to me. I love to add, subtract and multiply numbers. I guess it started in 4th grade when we use to have races on who could multiply the fastest. My favorite number game is Suduko. I will sit and play it on the cumputer when the kids take a nap or at night. I make sure I always figure it out. I can't walk away from it unsolved or I will constanly be thinking about. Jae laughs at me but I remind him that it's so good for the brain.

So now that you know 6 dirty things about me tell me 6 things about you! I tagged Allison and Tairi and who ever else wants to!


Lindsay Nichole said...

if you got talent, use it...i love/hate your tingers. hahaha

Ashley said...

I LOVE my birthday too! Matt laughs at me because his birthday lasts a day, when my celebration always lasts about a week!

And ok, I'm also totally addicted to Sudoku. I know I've played too much when I start having dreams about it!

I liked your 6 things - I learned some things about you!