Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday Jason

Jason turned 27 on February 7th. For his birthday I surprised him and took him out all day and night so we could spend the day together just like old times. We had such a fun day. Jason is my best friend and I have loved him since the day we met. We have been through so much together. He is such a wonderful man, husband, and father. I love him for so many reasons. I love when he sings rock a bye baby to our kids at night to help them go to sleep, or when he's there for me when I've had a long day and I just need somebody. He has worked so hard in school to provide for our family . He is a blessing in my life and I know with out a doubt he was meant for me. I love you so much and I cant wait to spend many more birthdays with you!

We went to Tempe Town Lakes and took a paddle boat onto the lake. It was so much fun and so relaxing.

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Karen said...

Dear Katie
I love your blog and enjoy watching your little family and their activities. I was especially touched by the love, appreciation and praise you gave to Jason. I think you have a pretty special husband. We all need to express our love and appreciation to our spouses more often.

Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your temple sealing. It was so beautiful to see your family kneeling around the altar. We are so happy for you. Your temple pictures are so neat.


Aunt Karen