Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day!

We went to Jason's parents cabin in Payson last week and had so much fun as a family.We took the kids to the snow on Saturday and we had such a blast. It was so deep Maddix kept sinking in it up to her waist. We made a snowman named what other than Frosty. Every snow man we make Maddix names Frosty. Obviously, she loves that song but in the song she changes the words to frosty has a very shiny nose. It's so cute to hear her sing it. Jason also pulled the kids around on the sled. We had a little snow fight and we ended the day by making smores. I love spending time with our little family and just watching Maddix have so much fun, and watching Brady touching the snow for the first time just wondering what it was. He kept trying to eat it and he would get the funniest face when he realized how cold it was. I'm so lucky to have such great family and I can't wait to have more fun times together.

Hanging out relaxing after a long day in the snow!


Mandy & Ken Abbott said...

Ah man... I am so bummed we missed it. I finally got on some antibiotics today. We'll have to go before the snow all melts. It looks like you guys had a great time!

The Hill's said...

SNOW! Gosh I miss snow! We miss you guys too! Hope things are going well! Taylor misses Maddix and Brady is super cute! You guys just make cute children!

Email me your email address when you get a chance and I can add you to my blog.

Love, Megan