Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random News

So here's just a couple of things that have happened in my life lately.

1. I'm so happy to say that Jason passed his board exam. He is now a licensed Occupational Therapist. Yea, I'm so excited! It's been really weird because he doesn't have to study anymore and it hasn't been like that for awhile. But I better live it up while I can because those of you who don't know, Jason is planning on going to medical school so I better take advantage now of all his free time.

2. There's going to be another little baby coming soon to our family. And no way am I saying that it's going to be me having it. But I am proud to say that my older brother and his wife are expecting there first baby together. My brother already has 2 children from his first marriage so now it's time to add a 3rd to the group. We are all so excited but I think my other sister-in-law and I are more happy than the rest because we don't have to be the ones to give birth to it and we can just enjoy watching her. Love you Allison and Damon, you will be great!

3. This is just kind of funny to me and maybe not Jason so much. I have never been a reader. I've just never been able to sit still long enough to take time to read a long book. Well that changed maybe because I like my quiet time to myself more now rather than before due to the fact that I have 2 children and that I never get any alone time. So a couple of my sisters-in-law, my sister, and mom all talk books on Sundays and they were talking about Twilight and about the movie a couple of Sunday's ago. So I decided I should give it a chance because I want to see the movie with all of them when it comes out in December and I don't want to be left in dark on what's going to happen when they all know. Needless to say, I read the whole book in 3 days and I've started on the 2nd. I sound like a total dork but I have to know what happens to Bella and Edward. So Jason was annoyed because he spent all day studying so we could have the night together and that's the night i decided to start reading my first book and I couldn't put it down. If your like me and have never read a book, I would suggest reading this set.


BeckyinQC said...

Wow! You guys have been busy! Your sister's trip sounded like a blast! Congratulations to Jason and Damon! That is so great - Yeah! Welcome to the "Twilight" club. .I guess I know what you'll be doing for the 4th of July weekend. Will we see you at breakfast on saturday, or, will you be laying in bed with Edward? Just so you know I'm totally team Edward. . .Tommy is team Jacob. Yes, he's read all three. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get to the third one.

Ashley said...

Look at all these blog posts! Way to go Katie!

I'm a Twilight fan and I am on team Jacob. I have all sorts of reasons, but he just sounds way hotter! Oh, and Matt HATES when I'm reading a book because it consumes me - I'm the same way - I just have to know what happens.

I saw your Momma at the Round Valley Rodeo, it's such a small world!

Tyler and Andrea said...

I love Twilight too! My husband and my kids were neglected until I finished all 3!

Jordan & Amber said...

ha ha ha that's how we were! We read all 3 books in 2 weeks!! It was crazy! Jordan was also not working at the time so we had plenty of time. : ]