Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tempe Splash Park

My friends Holly and Tiari and I went to Tempe Splash park to the let the kids play and let us visit. Holly came down from Texas and we were so excited to see her. The kids had a blast!


Anonymous said...

and congratulation to you.
Your web site is excellent !

The Frosts said...

Looks fun! We should meet there with all the girls and let the kids play. Porter was freaking out over the pictures of Maddix on the quad. "Mannix bides monorcycles!"Cute kids.

BeckyinQC said...

Looks like fun Katie! I've never taken my kids there - probably because we'd have to catch a plane to get there! HA! I've been missing you at swim. You must be going at a different time. How's Brady like Ms. Carolyn? AND did you finish Breaking Dawn yet?

kkicks said...

Hi Katie! I just wanted to give you my cousins blog spot, so you can email here off of that for dance. It's
I hope dance works out for you!:)
Kelly Jo

Jordan & Amber said...

How fun! Maddix's bathing suit is SO CUTE!
And Brady looks all big and tough in his shorts : ]