Monday, September 29, 2008


About 2 weeks ago Jason and I were lucky enough to go with some of our friends and spend the weekend in MEXICO without the kids! We had such a blast. We spent the days on the beach or swimming at the pools. The swim up bar had the best tacos and pina coladas ever (ours were virgin of course). We bought some great stuff from the venders. Every night we went to this bar/restaurant called Changos and had a blast. They had this Mexican guy singing American songs who was actually pretty good. On the way to Mexico we were saying how Garth Brooks has the best Karoake songs. So when we get to the bar on the wall they had a sign that said "I have friends in low places" So of course us girls had to take a picture of it. Then the last song the band sang was "I've got friends in low places" and the whole place was singing it so loud. We had such a blast and we can't wait to do it next year. One of the funniest things that happenend was when we were all on the banana boat and my sister was so scared to ride it and the boys were jumping on it so it was bouncing so much. Lindsay was in the middle of telling Erin don't worry it won't flip when all of a sudden she goes flying off with Jason and Rusty's foot was caught and he was getting dragged along the side of it. The poor boys lost their new sun glasses but thankfully they had there cheap ones on. And Lindsay just hurt so bad she didn't even want to ride it again.
Where in the world is Erin?
It was so humid outside. As soon as we went to take a picture the lens would fog up.
Me and 2 of my very bestfriends!
Me and my hubby!


Lindsay Nichole said...

hahahaha where's erin???? hahaha

The Frosts said...

So fun. I wish we could have come. Stupid jobs, who needs them. Maybe next year if you guys want to invite us again. Hint, hint. Just kidding, but I really am jealous.

Jodi Perez said...

Mexico looked so fun. How are you. You and Jason have the cutest kids. One good looking family. Keep in touch. It was fun finding you on here. Take care