Sunday, November 16, 2008


Jason and I were lucky and got to spend the weekend in Cali. while my parents watched the kids. My brother-in-law Justin is living over there right now working a new job and he is away from his family so Jason was going to go visit him so I said, "wouldn't it be better if we make it a couple's weekend and bring his wife and me along too?" So that's what we did but Justin had no idea, that's what we were really going to do so we surprised him pretty good. Halloween was on Friday night and we went to bed at 1:30 a.m. and then left for Cali at 3 a.m., that was not too fun. I was so tired but couldn't let Jason stay awake all by himself and drive so Theresa and I both stayed awake and kept him company. When we got to Justin's apartment we had Jason drop us off a block early so we could just walk in later and surprise him. Well surprise to us because it started to rain! Then we thought we could get in the back gate and it was locked. So then we had to walk to the front gate and that was locked so Theresa had to hop the fence and unlock it. So by the time we got to the apartment to surprise him we were soaking wet. But it was worth it because we had so much fun!
We went to Santa Monica and walked around and shopped.We were on the ferris wheel on the pier.
Justin and Theresa on the ferris wheel!

Just a random dinosaur fountain.
We all went to Benihanas for dinner and it was excellent!
After dinner we went to Hollywood Blvd. and saw a bunch of weird people. This is the Chinese theatre.
Some random gold man!
We also saw Batman & Robin, Jack Sparro, and oh yes my favorite the same Spider Man that Rob and Big netted on their show. And don't worry, I didn't want to pose with him so as I was walking away and he threw this thing that was supposed to be his net at me and it caught my foot and scared the crap out of me! We all had a great trip.


Lacy said...

ok I totally watched rob and big for the first time like two days ago, that was hilarious! Sounds like a fun trip.

The Frosts said...

That is so funny that it was the same Superman from Rob and Big. That was a funny episode. I would have really liked to have seen your expression when you got netted. I love all your Halloween pictures. Cute lil' ballerina and lion.

Justin and Theresa Ernst said...

So cute! I have been soo busy and havent blogged in like a month! That was so fun! I hope we can all do it again soon!