Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally a new post and its long!

It's been such a long time since my last post that this post will be super long because I had to play catch up and I was 3 months behind. But I wanted to get it done first because I like to keep it for my journal but also my sis works out of state for right now and it's almost been 5 weeks since we have seen her. I'm sure these pictures will make her home sick but I know she really wants to see the kids. These are just some random pictures so you can see how big the kids are getting. You know how Brady loves stuffed animals and I love this one when he's sleeping.
Maddix sound asleep.
Playing cars.

Look at how cute that face is.
He just looks like trouble but he is such a lover boy.

Maddix nevers fails to surprise us. She comes out in the most random stuff and it alwasy inludes underwear which these are only some of the pictures I have,

Definitely have to show her husband this one!

Maddix decided to write all over her face and the rest of her body here before we were getting ready for church.
Brady trying to be like his Dad!
Playing in the mud while Jason is trying to fix up our backyard.
This is how our bedtime turns out to be. But now it's much worse because Brady won't stay in his bed and now he just gets in Maddix's bed.
We have been trying to take each kid out seperately on date nights. So Jason took Maddix to Chucky Cheese where she was spoiled by Dad.

Jason took Brady to dinner then to the park so they could spend some alone time together. They had so much fun.

While the boys went out, Maddix and I went to dinner then to paint pottery and then we stopped in for some ice cream. It was a great mommy daughter date.

Went to Lehi days and had such a blast with my family. The kids pigged out on junk food and we all had great bbq.

Maddix had a field trip to the Fire Station. But during the middle of it they got a call and had to leave. The kids had fun anyways.

My family and Maddix and I got to go to the Desert Botanical gardens and look at the Chahulay display. It was so beautiful and Maddix loved it.

This was Maddix's favorite piece and she kept making me take pictures of it. It is really beautiful. I can't believe all these pieces are hand blown glass.
Jason and I got to take Brady to an ASU basketball game while Maddix went out with Grandma Ernst. We had so much fun and Brady was such a good boy all night. He loved watching ASU beat UCLA. We love you so much buddy boy.

Happy Valentine's day to us. Daddy surprised the kids in the moring with donuts then they each got a little present letting them know how much we love them. Then we decided to take the kids to the zoo. Before we left I went to put on my wedding rings when what the heck I can't find them. After asking Maddix, she told me she took them but she didn't know where they were. After looking in all her things, I lift up the couch cushions and find a shiny thing in the crack of the couch. I swear if someone would have sat down in the spot again then it would have been gone forever. So we go to the zoo where Brady manages to lose his Sunday shoe to the tigers. Little stinker put his feet in and when I went to pull it out it came off. The tiger was right below us and he watched it drop all the way down. Then that night we met up with our good friends Travis and Jaymie for a pizza dinner with the kids and that just turned into a huge poopy deal thanks to Brady's diaper. It was a full day but we had so much fun. And then Jason surprised me and took me out of town the next weekend with out the kids for our Valentine's. We had a blast.

Jason celebrated his 28th birthday. His parents took our family out to PF Chang's which is one of Jason's favorite places. And then on his b-day I got to spend the whole day with him just hanging out while our parents took care of the kids. It was so nice. For dinner we went to Bennehanas which we love and we had so much fun. We spent a little over 2 hours there and we didn't mind a bit. It was so nice to sit and enjoy eating your food and not have to worry about the kids.

Maddix had a talent show at school and she wanted to sing a song. She sang part of it then stopped because she was a little shy. That's ok at least she tried and everybody thought you did great. I love you peanut! We got to go to our house in the mountains and took the kids tubing. Maddix and Brady loved it so much. It was so cute to watch them go tubing where I would go as a kid. We had so much fun!

Jae and I got to go snowboarding. It's been 5 years since I've gone. I've either been pregnant or nursing and haven't been able to leave my babies. But thanks to my Mom, she watched the kids while we went.
Maddix had her first day of Primary and she loves it. And I love it to because I'm in the primary presidency so I always get to watch her. Look at her here posing. She makes me laugh.

Maddix had a field trip with her preschool at the Zoo. She is such a sweet girl. I love you so much cuddle bug!

Happy New Year to us. We had a blast with my family. This year is going to be great.

We took the kids to Flagstaff so that they could go to the North pole and see Santa on the Polar Express. It was so much fun and crazy on the train with the kids. Next time maybe we shouldn't give Brady a 12oz. cup of hot chocolate. He was bouncing off the walls.

Christmas morning at my parents house. My whole family gets together to open presents and we all help make a huge breakfast. We have so much fun.

Christmas morning at our house. The kids love their toys so much. Maddix came into our room and woke us up telling us that Santa came then she ran and woke Brady up.

Christmas Eve before we went to my parents' house for a very fun evening.

Picture after church. My parents came with us and the kids had on their Christmas clothes

I love taking the kids to get their pictures taken with Santa every year. I remember my mom always taking me. They were so excited!

Until they had to sit on Santa's lap. Not so much fun for Brady. The poor boy went crazy and when I went to grab him he was shaking. I felt so bad but he's better now.

Maddix loved it and sat on his lap forever telling him everything she wanted. She wasn't shy!

Every year we have started a tradition to watch the Polar Express in our pj's and have snacks. Maddix had to watch it in her sleeping beauty dress. And Brady won't stop chugging his root beer!
Maddix had her first check up with the dentist and she loved it. Every time we go to the gym she asks if we can go to the dentist too. She might have had fun but I had 6 cavities.

Maddix had her 2008 Christmas Program at school. It was so great to watch her. She then gave me her first ornament with her picture in it with a card. It was so cute I cried later.


The Frosts said...

Your title said it all, but I'm glad it was long. So many cute pictures. I love your kids! They are so funny and adorable.

Jordan, Amber and Camryn said...

Glad to see y'all are still alive and doing well! :] Brady is getting so big and is such a little stud! Maddix is going through all the fun stages for a mom! School pageants, primary performances, underwear moments ha ha ha :] and so much more! She is such a little beauty.
I can't believe Jason is 28. Sounds like you guys celebrated well and all your holidays were fantastic! It's so nice having parents around to watch kids for those events.

Melanie said...

It was long but very fun to see all the pictures. We saw you from across the way at Lehi Days and then we couldn't find you again...bummer. Your kids are getting so big!

russellandjoanna said...

wow...that was a long post! did i send you an invite to our blog? let me know if i didn't. some of the faces maddix is making remind me so much of abigial. looks like she keeps you busy too! lets get them together sometime soon.

Lindsay Nichole said...

its about time! dinner soon please...and uh...i still need your number again...

Justin, Theresa and Ryland Ernst said...

Geese Louise blog much??? Oh wait you bad! Love the pics! OUR kids are the coolest cats in town!