Friday, January 25, 2008

Christmas 2007

Christmas was so much fun but it was a very busy day. We started off the day with opening presents at our house. Maddix was so excited that Santa came she ran into the bedroom yelling Santa came to Brady so that he would wake up. It was to cute to see her so excited. And all year she has been telling us she wants Santa to bring her a bike and he did. After we opened presents we went back down to my parents house where they cook us a huge breakfast and we open presents down there with all my brothers and sisters. It is alot of fun but takes a long time because there are 9 adults that come and 2 children and my parents spoil us every year. After my parents we head over to the Ernst house where we spend the rest of Christmas day and the kids get to open more presents. We had so much fun at both houses and by the end of the day everbody crashes. But wait not Katie because she spent the rest of Christmas night so sick and just vomiting. Up until that point Christmas was a blast. We got to spend time with our familys and to see the excitement on Maddix's face all day long brought us so much joy.

Maddix's new bike! She took it every where we went that day.

Christmas morning at my parents house!

Christmas day at the Ernst house with more presents!


brittany said...

Katie and Jason, hey looks like you guys had a great christmas and what a cute family you guys have!! looks like you both are doing really good and your new family pictures are adorable. matix is getting so big and your little boy is so cute. i think i only saw him one time before i left mesa. well me and josh updated our website and you should check it out if you want and see what we've been up to, its . well i miss working beside you jas and hope that you guys are doing good.

Lindsay Nichole said...

I'm lovin' morning Maddix hair