Thursday, January 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so much fun. I have the best family and we had such a great night. We went over to my parents house and my dad cooked everybody this huge feast. And if you've ever been to my parents house for a party you know you will have every type of food plus every dessert. We all stuffed ourselves and sat around and had a little Christmas progam. It was such a blast to see how excited Maddix was. It's so great that she understands it now. I also have to thank my Dad because he is the very best Dad in the world. Jason and I where up until 2 in the morining Christmas Eve because we could not find the cord to charge our video camera. So I decided to text my Mom to see if they had it at there house thinking that she would get the text at about 6 in the moring but no she got it at 2:30. So my parents got up and looked for it in there house and they ended up finding it at about 3. So my saint of a Dad then says he will bring it over to me. He new that it would make me so sad not to have Brady's first Christmas on camera. He is the best Dad and I love him so much. So on Christmas Eve my Dad and I ended up going to bed at 4 in the morning and then I had to get up at 6. It was a very long Christmas day.
Christmas Eve 2007 at my parents house

Maddix standing still for one second during our Christmas program

Brady kissing his Cousin Rylee who is 2 weeks younger than him

Maddix and her cousin Connor stop playing to grab a bite to eat!
Maddix had to leave cookies and milk out for Santa that she helped make!

Daddy and Maddix leave a note for Santa

Brady and Maddix sound a sleep on Christmas Eve 2007 waiting for Santa to come!

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