Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rodeo! Yee Haw!

Last week my parents' Stake had a rodeo and I have been going to it since I was a little girl and now Jason and I get the chance to take our kids. Maddix was so excited and has been talking about it for weeks. She really wanted pink boots to wear that day so my mom took her out and bought her some pink boots and a whole outfit. Thanks Mom! She was so excited that day, all she wanted to do was ride a horse and chase a chicken. I have been hearing this for weeks. So when the day came she was thrilled. She got to chase chickens but didn't catch one. She was so close to catching one but as she went to pick it up a little boy pushed her down and he grabbed it. I was pretty close to pushing that kid down. I know thats not nice but it really made me mad. All was well because her cousin got a chicken and she got to pet it. They also had an event where the kids could chase a goat and grab a dollar off of it and of course Maddix wasn't going to let that pass her by. She went up to the goat and grabbed the dollar, I was so proud of her. Now thats definitely my girl. We had so much fun. Maddix keeps asking when she gets to go to another rodeo. Thankfully we go to one in the mountains every year for the 4th of July.

What a nice way to end the day!

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Aubree said...

Awesome. I secretly wish I was a cowgirl. Those boots are so cute. Good job Patty!