Thursday, March 27, 2008


Easter weekend was so busy but very fun. Saturday we had a family picnic with all my aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids. It was such a nice day out and we all had so much fun enjoying each other's company and watching the kids play and seeing them have an Easter egg hunt. That night we went over to the Ernsts' for a while and the kids got Easter baskets from them and got to have another Easter egg hunt. Easter Sunday was so nice. My family all went to my parents' where we got to eat dinner and have another Easter egg hunt. Maddix got real good at this and would call her eggs when she saw them so her cousin wouldn't get them. But she was sweet and they both ended up sharing there eggs and candy.
What a handsome boy!
What a beautiful girl!

Maddix finding Easter eggs at the park.
My mom and I took the kids to see the Easter bunny and Maddix loved him and didn't want to leave and Brady wasn't to sure about the whole thing.


Ashley said...

Those pictures are so cute! Brady is getting so big, I can't believe it! And I love the yellow dress, so pretty!

I talked to Jaymie today and I was so happy to hear about your weekend. I am so dumb - I totally started getting all weepy! I'm so happy for you and your sweet, beautiful family. Congratulations!

Jordan & Amber said...
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Jordan & Amber said...

How fun!
They look so cute in their little Easter outfits :]
3 egg hunts eh? I bet Maddix LOVED that ha ha

Aubree said...

Love the Easter outfits! Cute, cute kids!

The Hill's said...

It was great seeing you guys over the weekend! We miss the Mesa clan! Your kids are so grown up and Taylor was just thrilled to see Maddix! She talked about her & Olivia the rest of the weekend!

The Frosts said...

Thanks for the great comment Kates. You made me feel super cool! We are definitely on for this weekend. Travis is in! I think Saturday would work better for us, but it's up to you guys. I have to go I am a really cool and important blogger and I probably have more comments to read.

BeckyinQC said...


You just have the cutest family ever! I love your blog and can't wait to keep tabs on ya!