Friday, April 18, 2008

Family Update!

Last weekend was the Maricopa County Fair and my moms best friend helps to put it on every year so she gives us free passes to get in and for all the rides. It was alot of fun. We have been going every year with Maddix and this was the first year that she got to go on all the rides. My girl is exactly like me she loves any type of ride or roller coaster. We had a blast together and we went on every ride there was. And I must say they were all fast and they took us up really high I couldn't believe how much she was loving it. She never wanted to stop. She just kept telling me what ride she wanted to do next. It was so much fun bonding and spending that time with her. I think we both had smiles on our faces from ear to ear all day. Our favorite rides were the swings and the elephants. She could't wait to tell the whole family how much fun we had. We also went and saw the bunnies and chickens and of course Brady and Maddix both loved that. Maddix is wanting a bunny now but she hates the poop she tells me. Thanks mom for taking care of Brady while we did the rides and Mitzie for all the free stuff!

Maddix has started taking swimming lessons for the second year. Her teacher is so awesome and so amazing. It's crazy to see these kids so little and already swimming. Maddix is a little shy in her class but that is her personality when she is around alot of people. But when we are at my parents pool she is crazy and never wants to stop. She loves to swim and do super man, jump off the diving board and get the rings at the bottom of the pool. Every day Maddix ask if she has swimming lessons. Mrs. Carolyn is her teacher and I would recommend her to anyone. Brady is going to start when he turns 1.

Maddix and Olivia had there last play date for a while. They are such good friends and they loved to play with each other so much. They have already talked on the phone once and it was so cute to hear them. We love you Olivia and we will see you soon!
We got 2 new members in the family. Jason brought Maddix home a fish one day from work and we decided to get Brady one too for family home evening. Maddix's is the red one and she named it Dora, Oliva or Maddix it just depends when you ask her. And it's already been to the the fish doctor (died 2 days after we got it) and now it's back thanks to daddy. Brady's is the blue one and Maddix named it Swiper after Swiper the fox on Dora it's her favorite character.Maddix loves the fishies and every day she is so excited to tell us how big they are getting .

For those of you who dont know our family was sealed in the temple last month and it was the best day of our lives. Thank you everybody who came and supported us we really appreciated the it. I dont have alot of pictures from that day because my brother has them on his camera but here are just a couple that I had.


Aubree said...

Yes!! An update. Okay that 3rd picture of Mattix at the fair is hilarious. Pure happiness right there! And I hope that pool is heated, I hate cold water!

The Frosts said...

Kates, those are all cutey cute pictures. Maddix looks so happy and beautiful in all the fair pictures. I guess she didn't inherit your good old motion sickness. I call front seat. You have to give me that swim lady's phone #. I need to figure out what I'm going to do about Porter's swimming this summer. That is so good that Maddix can already pick stuff up off the bottom of the pool. Anyway, I am so happy for your sweet lil' eternal family. It is one of my favorite families!! Love ya guys.

codyandkristiboretsky said...

Hi Katie! Oh my gosh- I'm so excited I just found you! I cannot believe how adorable your babies are! I havent even seen Brady! Congrats on your eternal family! That must have been the best experience ever! I'm very happy for you guys! Hey come check us out if you'd like! By the way you look so good- beautiful as ever!

Mandy & Ken Abbott said...

I love the picture of the girls! Olivia asks daily if she can call Mattix! I love that she can wear 2pig tails. I just might love that more than anyone else in the world!! We miss you guys. That day at the temple was such an incredible day! You are an awesome family. Love ya!

Lacy said...

time to update the blog again fool! just teasin' you i know I love you like a fat kid loves cake! You've been tagged on my blog! your family is so cute, can't wait to see you!

Barnes Blog said...

sorry to intrude on your blog, but I had to tell you how awesomely adorable your family is. I love your kids they are so cute, and Maddix little sayings are so cute. It was good to see you guys. Stop by our blog sometime, we'd love it.