Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

This past weekend for Memorial Day, my Mom and I took the kids to our house in the mountains. We thought there would be beautiful weather and that we would be able sit with the kids on the yard and let them play and have picnics. But we were sure wrong. We left Thursday morning and by the time we got to our house it was a winter wonderland. It must have snowed at least 5 inches by sun down. And then all night it kept snowing and all the next day it was so foggy you couldn't even see the mountains. All you could see was pure white everywhere you looked. These pictures don't do it justice because I forgot my camera and Jason had to bring it when he came up Friday, so these pictures aren't even close to what it was like but you can get a good idea. But who has ever heard of it snowing this late in May? But we still ended up having a great weekend. We went to all the boutiques and ate some great food. Jason came up Friday then on Saturday we went back down to Payson to finish the weekend off there with the Ernsts'. We had a lot of fun just relaxing and going out to dinner. And then on Monday we came home and had a huge BBQ and swim party with my family. The weekend was a lot of fun and it was just really great to get away.
The family in Vernon!

Brady asleep at Pizza Hut in Payson!
The kids climbing all over the beds in Payson. Brady climbs everything, it's kind of scary for other people but i guess we have just gotten use to it. This is one of the easiest things he has climbed.


Tyler and Andrea said...

Your little family is just so sweet! I cannot believe how much Brady can do! Him and my little guy are the same age and Parker isn't even any where near walking let alone climbing!
Where do you take Maddix to swim lessons at? I am interested! I have spent so much money on swim classes and he still can't swim and he is almost 4! Let me know.

Sara! said...

I think the climbing thing is a boy thing, he's so cute! Also, like Andrea I don't remember where you said to do swimming lessons, so if you have the girl's name and number or email, let me know. Thanks!