Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The end of swim lessons

Swimming lessons are over. I have to give a big thanks to Mrs. Carolyn, she is the best teacher. Thanks to her, my kids have no fear of water and are really great swimmers. Maddix can jump off the diving board and swim the whole length of the pool and even take her breaths. At night she does laps with me and my mom when we go swimming, it's pretty fun. She can also do her butterfly, corkscrew, and her back stroke. She is an awesome little swimmer. And Brady did so well. He is such my little dare devil. He loves kicking his legs and will just walk off the edge anywhere and swim to us. He loves, and I mean LOVES jumping off the diving board. He will just keep going back and back until we get tired and have to drag him away from it. It was such a great summer and we can't wait until next season.
Look how good he is at grabbing the wall by himself.

Maddix is doing her canonball!

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