Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Family Camp Out

So my family and I decided we are starting a family tradition to go camping every year together on Labor Day weekend. So my parents went up early and got us the most beautiful spot right next to this huge creek. It was so perfect we had tons of forest around us with this beautiful creek behind us and right in front of my parents they put in 120 pounds of fish. We were all excited it was going to be such a fun weekend. So most of our family came up Friday and and it was such a great day the weather was perfect Jason and the kids went fishing and we had so much fun. Saturday morning the day started out perfect Jason and the kids went fishing again with my brother Mike and they cought 4 fish in like 1 hour so they were happy. Well Jason and Mike decided to go paintballing with a bunch of friends and about an hour after they left the rain started. So the kids and I went running to the tent just to find that our tent was leaking so bad that everything inside was getting wet. My wonderful brother Damon and my Dad helped me get tarps put over my tent but there wasn't enough to cover the whole thing. So I spent 2 and a half hours wiping up puddles and keeping 2 kids entertained in the tent. Maddix was pretty funny and she was mostly keeping us entertained. Her and Brady were in his porta crib that we had in the tent and all of a sudden she was standing in the corner of it and yells out I am Nacho and then tackles Brady! I was cracking up laughing because the weekend before we were watching Nacho Libre in Payson. Well Jason finally got back to camp and the rain just came down even harder so being stuck in the tent for 7 and half hours with a 3 year old and a 14 month old we decided to pack up camp in the pooring rain and so did everybody else because the rain just wasn't going to stop. We headed on over to our Cabin in Vernon for a nice warm and cozy place to stay. We finished the weekend off by riding quads, shooting guns, playing with the kids outside and having a Thanksgiving feast that my wonderful Uncle Mike and Aunt Chris made and it was so good. We had a blast hanging out as a family but I think from now on we will move the camp out to Memorial weekend when it's not the rainy season.

The kids are making a chocolate mud pie. Yummy.

You think this kid needs a dog? Brady loves animals. He spent all weekend rolling and laying on the dogs and sweet Angus just let him do whatever he wanted.

We were really bored being stuck in our tent so the kids staring making funny faces making us laugh.

My Uncle Arden loves Jason and he gave him his hunting riffle awhile ago and we had to go pracitce shooting it. We took along some shot guns for fun too.

My brother Damon always cracks us up!

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